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Accurate Repair for ALL Hardware and Software Problems

At Edge, not only are we experts with all software issues, we specialize in repair of major electrical problems with motherboards and other internal components. We can cost-effectively fix many of the problems others tell you aren't worth repairing or that you should buy a new computer for.

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Our storefront in City Park Plaza

Monday-Friday 10-5:30    Saturday 11-4:00

  • Laptops & Desktops
  • Macs
  • Data Recovery
  • Soldering Repair
  • Common Problems
  • Infection Removal
  • DC Jack Repair
  • Motherboard Repair
We service everything that can possibly go wrong with your computer.
These are the most common issues we routinely resolve.

Infection causing popups/search hijack/non-bootable system
Unusually slow-running system • Liquid spills • LCD Screen replacement
Bad connection at laptop power connector/battery won't charge
Damaged hinges • Shutting off without warning • Problems on boot-Up
Blue screen • Laptop or desktop won't power on or powers on without video

On average, turnaround time for any repair is 1-2 days unless parts need to be ordered.

For systems that are not booting because of file corruption, infection, or a failing hard drive, we are typically able to save the original installation without having to back up data and do a clean install.

We understand that some programs are not easily replaceable and realize the value of not having to reinstall them all when get your computer back. Over time, we have developed advanced techniques to address non-booting computers and we enjoy the challenge!


Our infection removal techniques are designed to leave your file structure intact. 
Anybody can save your data and reinstall Windows to remove an infection, but then you have to reinstall all your programs when you get your computer back.

After we complete a virus removal, all your programs and data will still be intact and your system will be running more efficiently than before the infection was acquired.


Virus removal includes the following:


1.  System Optimization/Tune-Up.
2.  Anti-virus Evaluation:  Installation of free anti-virus software or replacement of existing software if appropriate.
3. Installation of all available Windows updates and security patches.
4. Creation of a custom restore point that a future virus infection can't touch.



Typical symptoms requiring a DC jack repair are that the laptop won't power on, the power cord has to be manipulated in the jack to make a power connection, and/or the battery charges intermittently or won't charge.

Turnaround time for this repair is 1-2 days.

We keep a large inventory of DC jacks in stock, so if the jack is damaged or soldered directly to the motherboard and needs to be replaced, turnaround time is not affected by having to order a part.




We perform true component-level troubleshooting and repair on laptop and desktop motherboards. With our access to engineering schematics along with diagnostic and rework tools, we can fix most damaged motherboards for much less than the cost of a replacement.

  Mac problems we service:


  Wheel spins under Mac logo forever Video anomalies Kernel error    

-? on boot-up

-Runs slowly

-Shuts down without warning

-No video on power up


-No chime on boot-up

-Locks up

-Won't power up

  • Hard Drives
  • Flash Drives

We have 3 recovery levels which relate to failure type and difficulty of recovery.

Level 1: Logical failure including deleted data, missing partition information or bad sectors.

Level 2: Firmware failure, electrical problems or media damage requiring extensive imaging time.

Level 3: Physical damage requiring mechanical work on internal components in cleanroom.

Less than 500GB 500GB to 1TB 1.5TB to 2TB 2.5TB to 3TB
Level 1 $275 $375 $475 $575
Level 2 $400 $500 $600 $700
Level 3 $600 $700 $800 $950

RAID recovery is highly dependent upon the number of drives and RAID type and requires a custom price quote. Please call or e-mail us through the contact page.

All our data recoveries are performed on site and Level 3 recoveries are performed in our ISO 3 cleanroom (ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards).


We can repair or recover data from flash drives that have been physically damaged or aren't detected when plugged in. In cases where the flash drive circuitry has been damaged, we can remove the flash memory chip and recover data directly from it.

  Professional soldering work to medical and military standards.    

-Wiring repair and custom modifications
-Through-hole and intricate surface mount work
-Component replacement and rework on any type of circuit board


Send us a message:


1720 W Mulberry St. - Suite B10

Fort Collins, CO 80521

Next to Little Ceasars Pizza



Store Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10 to 5:30

Saturday: 11 to 4:00



Edge Computer Repair
1720 W Mulberry
Suite B10
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Next to Little Caesar's Pizza in City Park Plaza

Store Hours:
Monday-Friday 10-5:30
Saturday 11-4:00


Edge Computer Repair has been serving Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, and surrounding areas since 2007. Due to the range of our services,
our expertise, and our impeccable standards, we have grown over the years from being a home-based business to needing the room and
versatility of a storefront. Thousands of individuals and businesses now have discovered why Edge has built an outstanding reputation in
the computer repair business.

Customer testimonials left on a previous version of our website before Google reviews

Alex W December 20, 2010 - Fort Collins

Best service around. Went in 15 min later, problem solved.

Mike C.; December 14, 2010 - Cheyenne, WY

Our Dell Dimension 530, just over a year old, died on us Dec 14th after several months of power issues. It would not power up at all, despite our efforts. It was no longer under warranty, so (of course) Dell would not help us without payment. A local shop said it might take a week to fix, and we needed the HD data quicker than that. I was about to give up and pull out the HD and call the PC a loss. But, I Googled computer repair in Fort Collins and found Edge, and after reading the testimonials called Sam. It was nice to get the business owner on the other end of the line! When I dropped off the PC, he opened it up and we talked about what might be the issue. I left the PC with him and an estimate of 1 to 2 days to complete. Just as I arrived back in Cheyenne, he called and said the repair (new power supply) was complete! And, what I paid matched the estimate exactly. I can't say enough about this business. If you need PC repair that's fast, efficient, and a cost-effective solution, call Sam at Edge.

Dana; November 10, 2010 - fort collins

Sam did a superb job on both my laptop and desktop. I originally brought in my desktop to him about three months ago with a video card problem. He was able to fix it without replacing the whole card - thus saving me money. More recently my laptop had a serious software problem and Sam was able to fix quickly. Sam is very knowledgeable, customer oriented, and his services are fairly priced. I would not go anywhere else with my computer issues.

Robin; November 1, 2010 - Fort Collins

I am a college student and virtually helpless without my computer. I took my Dell around town before I took it to Sam and he knew immediately what needed to be fixed and could fix it for a cheaper price than any other place I found in Fort Collins. Early the very next day, my computer was ready to go and I was back on my feet! Thanks Sam!

Phil Owen; October 21, 2010 - Fort Collins

Had Sam work on a couple MacBook motherboards for me. Quick, accurate diagnosis of problem, and excellent repair work. This work involved delicate soldering of very small connections to the motherboard- Yikes! I like to mess around with some internal repair on Macs, but wouldn't even think about this kind of repair (and I found not many other people will either!) Pricing was extremely reasonable, and Sam is not only all things computer knowledgeable, but is also a great guy to deal with. Highly, 5-Star Recommended!

Ron Wagner; September 10, 2010 - Windsor, Co

I have had two situations where I have used Sam at Edge computers to work on my equipment. On both occasions the problems were fixed to my satisfaction at a very reasonable price. It is nice to know there is someone out there you can count on when you really need them. Sam is like a good auto mechanic, once you have him you never want to lose him.

Kathy P.; July 1, 2010 - Livermore, CO

My 3-yr old, custom-built PC had become really slow and really loud. The Fort Collins company that built it is out of business, so "free tech support for the life of the computer" was not an option. Sam was recommended to me by a friend, and he took care of everything. The CPU fan was running continuously at high speed because the vent was blocked and the fan was coated with dust. The fan for the power supply no longer worked. My anti-virus software was doing its job, but also was really slowing things down. Sam cleaned up the innards, replaced the power supply (which was at risk of sudden failure since its fan had not been working for who knows how long), replaced the anti-virus software with a different program that does not slow things down as much, and did a bunch of other stuff that needed to be done, including system optimization, and he did it for a very reasonable cost and very quickly. When I got the computer home and set it up, I was astonished at how quiet it is. It is definitely faster, and I am one very happy customer who hopes she does not need Sam's services in the future but will definitely consult him again if the need arises.

Don Rangel; May 6, 2010 - Fort Collins

Sam did an amazing job removing a hefty amount of viruses from my computer, he not only did the removal quickly, he even helped me out and gave me free service when my computer became infected again a day later. The maintenance and repair Sam did made my old laptop feel like new again. I would definitely suggest going to Sam for any and all computer repairs. He knows his stuff and can do his work quickly and efficiently.

Bob; April 17, 2010 - Fort Collins, CO

When my hard drive went down and Hp said I could not recover the data and would need a new hard drive I went to Edge. Sam did a great job recovering all the data and fixing the hard drive in a timely manner.

Paul & Ruthie; March 2, 2010 - Virginia Dale, CO

When our HP laptop wouldn't boot up, we took it in to "Edge" and they repaired it quickly and at a very reasonable price.We were extremely happy with the service. We would definitely use their services again should the need arise. GREAT JOB!

David Adam; January 28, 2010 - Boulder CO

I was told that my brand-new laptop was good for nothing more than spare parts because of a small piece that had broken. The manufacturer would not help me. I was referred to Sam at Edge Computer Repair who assured me that it could be fixed. Sam went straight to work, repaired my laptop, cleaned it, and set up some performance settings that made it run faster and better then when I bought it! Sam is a professional who knows what he is doing and is good at it. On top of all that, his prices were totally reasonable. You would be foolish not to do business here. Good service is harder to find than any other characteristic in business, and if you do find good service it usually costs you quality of work; Edge Computer Repair provides BOTH great service and knowledgeable reliable repair. Thanks Sam!

Denise Phannenstiel; December 9, 2009 - Castle Rock, CO

Great Service! So nice to know there is a reliable computer repair service in Ft. Collins! Sam turned an old Dell laptop into a brand new one. It had a ton of viruses, registry problems, etc. at a very reasonable cost and in a very short period of time. He even delivered the laptop to my daughter who was incapacitated and couldn't pick it up! I would absolutely recommend Edge Computer Repair.

Chris S.; November 12, 2009 - Fort Collins

I recently turned on my computer one morning only to find that instead of my operating system booting up, I had a dreaded blue screen telling me a bunch of stuff that I didn't understand. With a computer that was now useless and no time or knowledge to figure it out myself, I decided to give Edge Computer Repair a try and I am thankful that I did. Not only was my computer saved will all my files still intact, Edge was able to speed up my computer and gave me more memory at no extra charge. I definitely recommend their services and expertise and will use them again if I need to.

Michael VS; October 26, 2009 - Fort Collins

We went to Sam in April with our laptop that had some coke spilled on it. He quickly and fairly inexpensively provided a new board for the laptop. Today we contacted him because a fake error message kept coming up saying that we had a virus. He patiently talked us through how to fix it ourselves. I greatly appreciated his help, and he's our "computer repair guy" that we'll use his services whenever we need them!

Gretchen; September 23, 2009 - Fort Collins

I brought my computer to Sam after having repeated overheating and freezing problems. Within a day or two, he had diagnosed my problems, provided a solution and cost (very reasonable), and timeline and to which I'd have my laptop back. Even when I brought it back to him a second time, he fixed it at no extra charge. I will go back to Edge Computer Repair anytime I have a computer issue (hopefully I won't!), but the service I received was excellent!

Sharla; September 21, 2009 - Northern Colorado

I bought a HP DV5-1388US. When I bought it I thought I could have a company go in and change it from Vista to XP because the software I run needs XP. I called up a well known computer repair company in Ft. Collins (not a big box store - a smaller independent outfit) and they told me that it couldn't be done. So, I contacted HP, who also said it couldn't be done without taking the risk that some of the hardware/software wouldn't work (such as sound). When I placed it on Craigslist someone came forward and told me it COULD be done. I went looking for a laptop repair place in the area and found Edge Computer Repair. The iPhone in paint repair testimonial sold me... so, I called Sam up and he assured me he could do it at an affordable price. I took the laptop to him and he got it done real quick even though finding the correct drivers was a challenge. Everything works GREAT on the laptop and I am very pleased with his service. I would recommend his services to anyone needing laptop repair. Thanks again for a job well done Sam!

Angie C; September 6, 2009 - Northern Colorado

After my computer wouldnt turn on and when it finally did it kept trying to load a temp file and I couldnt access any of my files. I thought for sure I lost EVERYTHING! I took it to Sam at Edge Computer Repair and now it works perfectly! Faster than before. I am extremly pleased how fast and affordable he was. I assure you if I have any more issues I will definatly take it to Sam again!

Harmony; July 21, 2009 - Fort Collins

I would never take my laptop anywhere else. Sam is prompt, fair and takes time to explain what is exactly wrong. He also goes above and beyond, I was able to call him even after my computer repair to ask him a few questions and he was very helpful. Thanks Sam.

c.b. kerst; July 7, 2009 - fort collins

I have had more than my fair share of computer issues over the years and my experience with Edge Computer Repair has been the best of any dealings I have ever had with anyone. Sam has always fixed my laptop in far less time and for far less money than I ever would have expected. More importantly he has always explained the problem and the fix clearly, concisely and in language that I can understand. There is absolutely no reason to go to anyone else.

David Allen Painting; April 9, 2009 - Loveland, CO

Sam fixed my iphone! No other company wanted to. AT&T said ship it out or throw it away. I dropped my iphone into a full bucket of paint, paint was dripping out of every hole and speaker. Sam got it all cleaned out and working great again. Edge Computer Repair is a very friendly and professional Company. I would highly reccommend. Thanks again Sam!!

Sandi, Mike,&Katie; April 5, 2009 - Fort Collins, Colorado

Sam was absolutely incredible with our laptop computer repair! We were so impressed with his knowledge, expertise, availability, and persistence with our varied computer problems. He even called us with daily updates on the progress of our computer repair. It was really great to find someone who does computer repair on the weekends, too. He truly is open 7 days a week! We will recommend him to all of our family and friends!! Thanks again, Sam!!

Ryan; March 9, 2009 - Fort Collins

Sam went above and beyond anything we could have expected! He was extremely friendly and professional. If we ever have a computer repair issue in the future we will definetly call Sam. We will refer all our friends and family as well. Couldn't be happier!

Mike H.; January 29, 2009

Edge Computer Repair was extremely helpful when I had trouble with my laptop. Sam was very straight forward from the very beginning when I called. I called several other computer repair stores in Fort Collins and Edge Computer was by far the most reasonably priced. Sam went over in detail what was wrong with my laptop when I picked it back up. It only took two days for Sam to have my computer running better than ever. A week later my computer was infected with another virus and I brought it right back to Sam. He fixed it in one day and did not even charge me again. Thank you so much Sam. I would highly recommend Edge Computer to anyone with Laptop issues.

Whitney C.; January 16, 2009

When my computer had completely crashed I found two laptop repair places that looked like they could do it. After calling both places I decided to go with Sam because he was much more straight forward about costs and told me he'd probably be able to fix it (the other place just told me I'd probably have to buy a whole new computer!). Sam did a remarkable job on my computer and brought it back to life! He was very helpful and charged me a price I couldn't have gotten away with anywhere else. I highly recommend Edge Computer Repair!! Even if someone tells you there is no fixing your computer, I'd give Sam a call first before anything else.

Pat W.; November 16, 2008 - Fort Collins

I found Edge Computer Repair and was pleasantly surprised with how quickly Sam diagnosed the problems with my laptop and had it back to me so quickly. The service Sam provides is very professional and is very much above and beyond. Thank you Sam for jumping in at a moments notice to help me with not only my laptop but my office PC's.

Amy G.; October 12, 2008

Sam went above and beyond on my computer repair. He worked fast, offered fair prices, and kept me updated on what was going on. Definitely recommended!

Jason E.; July 14, 2008 - Fort Collins

Sam rescued my laptop computer and my wallet with no-nonsense great service. Where Apple would have given me an expensive and long run-around to repair my problem (if they would have fixed it at all), Sam had it fixed within one day and for way, way less. Highly Recommended!

Daniel Kotsides; May 22, 2008 - Fort Collins

Edge Computer Repair saved me about $200 and 2 weeks of time that i could have lost at other locations, sam was very helpful and friendly and i would absolutely recommend edge Computer repair.

Joy Altermatt, DVM; February 15, 2008 - Fort Collins, CO

After consulting numerous other computer repair services, I phoned Sam with Edge Computer Repair and for the first time, was relieved. He diagnosed the problem AND fixed it the very same day when every other professional I called said it would take up to a week! In addition, the charge was considerably less than other service quotes with the same reported problem. His service was professional, timely and very considerate. If you want a no-nonsense approach, with cost and time efficiency, this service is highly recommended. Thank you, Sam. Sincerely, Joy

Kari S.; February 4, 2008 - Ft. Collins

The Edge Computer Repair was able to fix my older HP laptop that had a worn out power port. Nobody else would touch it and The Edge fixed in within a day. Very professional and helpful!

Paul Carbajal; January 16, 2008 - Fort Collins, CO

I dropped my laptop and then the video wouldn't come up. Having a high dependency with my laptop. I called HP and of course they wanted me to send it in with a 7 to 10 day turn around plus $$$ up front. I contacted Sam with Edge Computer Repair and he took it in that day around noon. He gave me the best and worst case scenarios with approximate cost. Bottom line he had it done that day and at a very competitive cost. I highly recommend EDGE COMPUTER REPAIR.

Alan Clark; January 14, 2008 - Ft. Collins

I had dropped my laptop and broken the plug for my AC power adapter. I took it to Edge Computer Repair and had it back the next day. Thank you for fixing my mistake!

Dawn Burkhart; January 14, 2008 - Wellington, Colorado

My HP laptop is crucial to my studies and when I developed a slow running system and pop up's that the pop up blocker wouldn't block, I knew it was time for a virus check and clean up on my system. I chose Edge Computer Repair and received outstanding service that was prompt and unbeatable for the price.

Nick K.; November 12, 2007 - Fort Collins

My Dell laptop warranty just expired when I was away on business and dropped my machine. It wouldn't charge or power up anymore and Dell wanted over $500 to fix it. Sam at Edge Computer Repair fixed my laptop for a fraction of that cost and I had it back in a couple days!! I would recommend their services to anyone who needs laptop repair at a fair price.